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Who We Are

ITAV United Foundation simply started from being the house on the block that attracted all of the kids from the neighborhood and surrounding neighborhoods in 2016. In getting to know the kids personally, I learned that some youth came just to fellowship with their friends, some to get help with school work. some found relief from challenges at home, some enjoyed the fun activities, and some just to pick up a popcicle from the freezer. Whatever their reason, their was  a need being met. Some youth found encouragement, stability, and support for a plethora of circumstances. Leading with my heart, a schedule was created and we began to meet every other Friday evening. We started with 8 kids, which turned into 12, then 17, then 18, then 22. 

 How do you get kids to participate? First you feed them! Picking up extra nursing shifts became necessary to feed a bunch of hungry teenagers. Teens that desired a safe place to hang out, be seen and be heard. The need continued to grow. We began to reach out to parents for a little financial support and quickly learned that not everyone's living situation was conducive to help. After learning of some of the academic and home challenges, I began to gather books for kids to take and use for practicing help, found myself helping with algrebric equations, and finding all the resources I could to help the youth.  It was essential to continue to be available for the youth. The need was greater than the challenges. 

We soon started to collect grades quarterly and give educational support where it was needed and noticed that the students were excelling and more importantly found confidence in themselves. Having someone believe in you sure goes a long way!! Holding the participants to a higher standard, we saw them reach for success.

 As of 2021 we are a full fledged 501(c) 3 Non-profit Foundation that has several programs available to youth and young adults. Some of those programs include educational enhancement and resources, youth mentorship, programs in character building, career development, and monthly community service. We have an alumni program in which participant graduates come back and encourage and give back to the generations to follow. Paticipants and volunteers meet monthly to host a mobile food pantry for those in need. 

All of this stems from having a big heart to serve, but we need your help to continue to impact the next generations to come. "It truly Takes a Village and We Are The Village!"

  Your donations Make a Difference and we are grateful for each donation gifted to the youth. Know that each and every dollar goes into our youth. They are our promise of tomorrow.