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ITAV United Foundation has programs available in career building, leadership skills, character building, educational enrichment, community service, and alumni giveback.


 Career Building 

Our meets have speakers from different career paths that give a career path presentations and explain what they do for a living and what it takes to get there. This gives the youth exposure to different career paths and opens their minds to endless possibilities. 


 Character Building 

We discuss issues that take place in the students everyday life and use conversation, re-enactments, and use ITAV Workbooks to discuss better ways to address challenges, be assertive in healthy ways, practice mindfulness, be confident, and self aware. 


  Leadership Skills   

Each month a new student is challenged to take a lead role and do it with care for self and others. They are encouraged to think about their peers and what is best for the group as a unit. In this role, students are to be responsible for communications with planning and making responsible decisions in our monthly community service event. 

Eghfhducational Enrichment & Resources

 Educational Enrichment 

We have dedicated volunteers ready to assist with academics as well as be a resource to find the assistance needed via participants school/outside source.


 Community Service 

There are monthly gatherings in which participants put team work and leadership skills to use. We come together for community service & outreach and practice thoughtfulness and servitude. Each participants’ community service hours are logged for future endeavors and provided to the school of enrollment.


 Alumni Program 

Participants that have graduated ITAV United Programs return & pour back into  the next generations to follow by encouraging current participants, sharing how the program helped in their journey, and share their story.


 Food Bank Volunteers 

We have partnered with Tarrant County Food Services to provide food to those in need in the Fort Worth Area. Particiapants in need have full access, and can volunteer to help distribute food to those in need. 


 Kid-Preneur Course

This program is designed to get the creative juices flowing in young minds that have a naturally intuitive mindet to sell/market/ make money. We encourage youth to think outside of the box, consider consumers, brainstorm being effective and profitable along side of a team of peers. Team work and leadership is heavily encouraged in the class modules. Students earn an opportunity to work their very own business vendor booth at a local event.  


CPR Certification 

Each participant will have the opportunity to complete a HeartSavers CPR course with a Certificate of Completion from the American Heart Association. You can register for a CPR Course today. Go to the "Contact Us" page and register. 


 Annual Black Tie Banquet 

Come and celebrate our youth as we take a moment to recognize their strengths, pour into the youth, and encourage them to keep pushing for  greatness. Each particpant will go over proper table etiquette. Male mentors will show the young men how to tie a tie, Female mentors will review gracious table manners. This is a event to remember!

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